My first week at Apple Developer Academy

First of all, let me tell some background about myself. I was a Web Full-Stack developer for 10 years, but in 2019 I had the opportunity to start working with mobile, and that year was the first time I heard about the Apple Developer Academy by one former student that was an iOS Developer in the company I was working for. He explained to me what it was and at first, I thought it was a joke, that Apple would give us a course and it would be free. And he also told me it was such a unique experience, so I tried to learn more about it.

In this first year of my mobile experience, (and I have to say it was not a native experience, I started working with Flutter) I knew one more person that participated at the Apple Developer Academy and he also said it was amazing, but I have to admit I didn't know what to expect.

I tried to think of the time I had in the university, but I have to admit it was not something I would be so happy about. In 2020 I started my post-graduation, and it has been definitively better than the graduation, but such a unique experience? I don't think so.

After one week in the Apple Developer Academy, I could talk with two incredible women that work with Apple, and both experiences were amazing. But I think the best part was to be able to know so many amazing students because ADA's entry process aims for a profile and not who has the biggest score (or I wouldn't be here.. hahaha).

In this first week, we could also hear some former students' stories about how ADA was for them, and this was so inspiring for me. Also, there are some former students that are mentors now and it helps a lot because we can hear advice from people that was where we are, and it seems like they really like this part of the process as well.

And all of them describes the experience the same way:

Apple Developer Academy is about the Experience!

Another thing I'm really enjoying about ADA is how they want to hear about what we're thinking about the process. Everything is so human and I have to admit I was not expecting this coming from a program of such a big company, but each day I can just admire more.

And one thing I need to talk about (or write about 😄) is that this is the first year ADA is starting remotely, because of the pandemic we're all living in, and I think the responsibility to continue with a unique experience is harder because of that. But I need to say you're all doing an incredible job! Thanks for that.

Flutter Developer @Cingulo and Student at Apple Developer Academy